Unboxing: Griffin iTrip

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Unboxing: Griffin iTrip

Well, the cross country drive has come to an end. I am finally in DC after being on the road for 3 weeks. If you haven’t heard of my SXSW and Beyond cross country adventure, let me just quickly tell you: My dear friend Rachael Joy and I drove from San Francisco to Austin for SXSW and then on to DC where she is going to live now. Along with our laptops, Rachael’s little Prius (she calls him Pete) was packed and almost overflowing with her belongings and some must have souvenirs we collected along the way.

Road Trip Essential

One thing I brought with me from San Francisco was a Griffin iTrip so we could share music from Rachael’s iPhone and my iTouch. Needless to say, when I was finally done playing every single Bhangra song I had, we started listening to Rachel’s playlist which included some music from a friend of her’s named Chuck Carrier. (We had a chance to meet Chuck in Atlanta where he played at Eddie’s Attic. We missed the show but where glad to find such a great venue for local music.)

The roadtrip soundtrack was an important part of our travel and we used the iTrip daily. While we were on the road, I decided to do a little product review of the Griffin iTrip. Yes, Rachael did ALL the driving, so I had to keep myself entertained somehow and did this little review as we drove out of lovely North Carolina! Hope you enjoy this episode of Unboxing .. and the soundtrack by Mr. Chuck Carrier!

One more thing I forgot to mention in the featured video above:

  • chaeseco

    YAY! a new post. Yeah I prefer not to use portable FM transmitters if possible. Sometimes they don't tune so well. In Philly we have few open spots on the FM dial.

  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    @chaeseco Thanks for commenting on today's Unboxing!

  • http://www.griffintechnology.com Dave Delaney

    Awesome video! Thanks so much for the review. I hope you had a great time in Austin, I did.
    You can check out my photos from SXSW here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/griffintech/sets/7…


  • http://www.onefilmdaily.com disposablepal

    i like the itrip, i used to have one for my old ipod but i dont use it anymore because my Scion has an aux jack for an audio cable straight to my ipod or iphone, easily one of the biggest reasons i bought it. A big playlist is essential for a long road trip, i dont leave the house without music, its an important part of my life. Hope you guys are having fun!

  • chaeseco

    you know we are in the same timezone. that's just cray talk! =D

    so far, I'm doing well. I'm at work… “taking care of business” as usual. it's a bright and sunny day and it's starting to look like spring. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the colorful leaves come out.

    in my car, I used to have a MP3 headunit (“riocar”). it was basically a mini linux computer. anyhow it looked like a normal headunit / radio, except had a hard drive in and it… and I could put over 120gbs of music on it.

    at times, I would “fiddle around” with the riocar; while I was driving. very quickly I learned to discipline myself and only mess around when I was parked, or at a stop light.

    eventually after several years of use and occasional fixing, the riocar broke and I removed it. for now I'm listening to CDs. but I plan to install a CarPC.

    but I have the same concerns, hopefully having a 7-inch touch screen interface will mitigate those issues. if I can't find software that good enough to address my concerns, I'll build one that does (and give it away for free).

    on a diff topic… did you tour washington yet? did you see the cherry blossoms?

  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    Thanks so much for commenting on my video!

  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    Sorry, I'm a little slow today!

  • http://kitchen-aid-part.blogspot.com Alan

    Very nice review. After watching your video, I think should have it one. Thanks

  • Bart

    reply on unboxinggriffinitrip

  • http://tedmphoto.blogspot.com tedm

    Hi Sukhjit, great review of the Griffin and amazingly steady video while driving! Looks like you and Rachel had a great trip! I don't have the Griffin, but some other 1/8″ phone line out to FM frequency adapter and it also needed changing of frequencies, very often around the bay area. Another gadget to get your mp3 player to your car system are the cassette adapters, if your car still has a cassette deck. Otherwise a new stereo with wired jack would probably be best.

  • duffrunner

    Seesmic video reply from Disqus.

  • http://www.propertyguru.com.sg Singapore Property

    Sound great!I wonder if Apple can come up with an portable internet network that allow us to have connectivity on the go too.

  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    Thanks for leaving a comment Bart! Is @unboxinggriffinitrip the seesmic username?!

  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    Just saying hello and thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    Watch out for the audio at the top of this video. LOUD plates are clanking! Otherwise thanks so much for the comment & nice to meet you!

  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    Alan, thank you so much for the comment. SO nice of you. Hey, did you get an iTrip then? It's a fun tool, but certainly does have some drawbacks. –sukhjit

  • Amna

    drive from San Francisco to Austin?

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  • VP69

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